A smart and intuitive Warehousing strategy can significantly lower your operational costs and give your business that much needed competitive advantage.

Our wide range of Warehousing facilities and services provide you with the ease and comfort of end-to-end storage solutions under one roof. Our capabilities include a sophisticated, computerized, warehouse inventory system. We also have a well-trained logistics team with experience in handling long term and large-scale assignments with dedication, efficiency and professionalism. Your goods will be in safe hands with our team of professional staff and our State-of-the-art, electronic inventory systems.

We also take care of your rework requirements- such as product assembly and barcoding- to accommodate all sorts of changes in label specification, pricing, legal directives, or to edit incorrect or omitted labelling from the supplier. Outsourcing your rework requirements allows heightened control on Product detailing till an advanced stage of the supply cycle.

Our Warehousing Services that keep your Business stock in good shape:

  • Storage Service tailor-made for your business- big or small.
    • Bonded Warehouse Service
    • Break Bulk Warehouse Service
    • Packing Warehouse Service
    • Standalone/Shared Warehouse Service
    • Retail Chain Warehouse Service
    • E-commerce Warehouse Service
    • Factory Warehouse Service
  • Receiving Service
  • Stock checking & sequencing Service
  • Labeling Service
  • Picking & Put-away Service
  • Pallet Pick Service
  • Loading Service
  • Returns Service
  • Repacking & Replenishment Service
  • Rework/Assembly/Barcoding Service

Your benefits:

  • 24/7 Access
  • Flexible Storage Options
  • Competitive rates for Re-work requirements
  • Optimal financial performance
  • Scalable Warehousing Facility