The global economy is rapidly transitioning to the online environment and it has become the need of the day to offer your customers the convenience of eCommerce. There is stiff competition in the online retail market and to make a mark, your business has to provide a smooth, enjoyable and easy shopping experience that is 100% customer friendly.

An ideal eCommerce structure should give priority to customer satisfaction and be flexible enough to accommodate the customer’s changing needs and requirements. Our intelligently designed eCommerce solutions are tailor made to accommodate the demands of the discerning online customer. We have the most advanced real time delivery management system and our innovative solutions use technology to enhance customer experience.

Our unique interactive SMS service allows customers to communicate with us and re-schedule the timing and address of their delivery according to their convenience, at any time. Our GPS enabled mobile app- Konnect- allows customers to track the delivery boy in real time. Customers can create and assign a new pick up request instantly using our web-based portal. The facility of reverse pickup has been simplified and customers can also avail on-the-spot reverse payments.

Our reliable eCommerce solutions provide instant order fulfillment and ensure your products reach their final destination on time.

Our eCommerce Services that connect your Business with your customers:

  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Retail solutions
  • Interactive SMS communication
  • Open Box Delivery
  • Partial Delivery
  • On the spot Cash Refund
  • Reschedule delivery to suit your time
  • Sunday delivery available on request
  • Scalable delivery strategies
  • Kitting & De-Kitting Service
  • Track your Order via GPS
  • Customer Convenience
  • eCommerce Fulfillment
  • Dispatch & Order Fulfillment
  • Deal of the Day Campaign
  • Returns Management
  • Pick up from Vendors
  • Reverse Pickup/ Reverse Logistics
  • Software Integration

Your benefits:

  • Track your Orders
  • Timely Delivery
  • Superior Customer Satisfaction
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Customized Solutions
  • Responsive Service
  • Hassle free Delivery
  • User-friendly Service
  • Tailor made to Suit Customer needs
  • Flexible Service